Introduction of the World Handicap System

The World Handicap System (WHS) will be replacing the current CONGU handicapping system in Great Britain and Ireland on 2nd November.

There are a few changes to the way handicaps are calculated.
A "Handicap" will now be called a "Handicap Index" and will be calculated by taking an average of your 8 best scores from your last 20 rounds. Initially, should you not have recorded 20 scores in recent times, your scoring history will be taken as far back as January 2018 to ascertain your Handicap Index. Don't worry if you have not submitted 20 scores! Everyone with a current handicap will be assigned a handicap index in the new system. Like with the current system, people seeking to obtain a handicap index will have to submit scores over a minimum of 54 holes to do so.

"Standard Scratch Score" will be replaced by "Course Rating" (how many shots a scratch golfer should take in a round) and "Slope rating" (which indicates the relative difficultly of a course for a Bogey golfer - handicap of 20 for men and 24 for ladies - compared to scratch golfers).

Our course has been measured and rated by the WHS and our official ratings are:

Tees Slope Rating Course Rating
White 107 66.4
Red 123 69.5

My England Golf

You can view your Handicap Index and playing record on England Golf's new WHS platform for golfers called 'My England Golf'. I encourage all members with an active handicap to sign up and login to this. It requires to following to sign up:
• Your CDH ID - This can be found on howdidido when you go to view or edit your profile. Or ask myself or Emma and we will be able to tell you what it is.
• It then sends a verification code to your email
• Lastly you create a password, have the option of providing your phone number and signing up for their newsletter.
• You can then login to your account

Once you have your handicap index you can convert it into your course handicap when you arrive at our club or any other golf club. You will do this using the table that golf clubs will have up outside their clubhouse or by their 1st tee.
You may see our table below...
It is really easy to use! Simply choose the tees you'll be playing off (at our club it's just: White for Men, Red for Ladies). Go down to the range in which your handicap index lies and you'll see your course handicap adjacent.

EXAMPLE: *A male playing our course off the *white tees with a handicap index of 18.5 will have a course handicap of 18.

EXAMPLE: A female playing our course off the red tees with a handicap index of 18.5 will have a course handicap of 20.

Playing in Competitions and General Play

Golfers should continue to play in the mindset of their Course Handicap in competition rounds. A playing handicap is calculated for competition purposes depending on the format of play but you don't need to worry about this or do any calculations.
In the same way that you can currently record "Supplementary Scores" for your handicap, you will be able to submit "General Play" scores under the WHS system with the added bonus of being able to do this at other golf courses as well. This doesn't mean all golf you play must be recorded. You can of course still just play for fun!

If you have any questions regarding the new system, please come and see myself or Emma and we will help you with it. Please also refer to all of the previous newsletters regarding the WHS which can be found on the members hub.

I hope like me, you are forward to this new chapter in which golf is a more accessible and more globally united game!